Don’t Panic

This was a very personal short film that I (Bru) made for Aina and I. Actually, it was made to play on our wedding night at Fernwood Gardens in Manila, Philippines.

After the ceremony and before Aina and I walked into the reception (we were actually peeking out from a widow above everyone who came to our wedding) is when this played, and we got to see everyone’s reaction as we watched from above. For most of Aina’s family and friends, there was a lot of shared history up on the screen and it was a such a cool moment for Aina and I to watch them experience it.

I really loved making this for Aina – I had promised her I would make a short for our wedding and I’ve always wanted to cut something to Coldplay’s Fix You (such an intense, beautiful piece of music), so this seemed perfect. I literally was cutting this for 2 weeks straight at the Intercontinental Hotel in Makati (Philippines) right up until 5 min before I had to leave for our actual ceremony. Talk about a stressful deadline.

Except for the Griffith Park footage at the end (shot on a Canon 5D by Dustin Pearlman), everything else was shot by me on an iPhone 4, 4S and a little bit on an iPhone 5  (the clouds drifting by only). This was shot in many places – in Los Angeles and CA (Griffith Park, Mt. Wilson Observatory, Hearst Castle, Morro Bay, Big Sur) and in Hong Kong as well as Cebu, Manila & Boracay, Philippines.

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