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We are now offering an array of new services for you Cool Cat Actors… from Auditions on Tape, to On-Camera Audition Classes.

Why? Because we’re working actors too and we remember the good ole’ days when were young, fresh-faced, doe-eyed and needed all the help we can get to navigate this daunting business. Collectively, we have 30 years of working experience in the industry (no, we’re not THAT old) and have demystified the audition process both as actors and as filmmakers.

So whether you have a big audition you need taped, or simply want to see how you read on camera … we’re there for you. Because we shoot commercials and short films, (our crew works on big budget projects) our lighting and sound is ah-maayyy-ziiiinng. And, most importantly, not only will you get an Actor for a reader … you also get feedback and re-directs if you want it (no unsolicited advice from us) at no extra cost. Yay!

That’s it! We hope to see you guys soon!

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